To feed the heart

by Troops of the sun

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Aufgenommen im Juli 2019 im Midas Studio Leipzig von Jens


released February 5, 2020


all rights reserved



Troops of the sun Mönchengladbach, Germany

Troops of the sun gründeten sich im September 2018 in Mönchengladbach. Stilistisch bewegt sich die Band irgendwo zwischen Post- Punk, Düsterpunk und Wave.
Wir haben und wollen kein Fressebuch!!!

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Track Name: All down
Cannot say why we are here, waiting for these thoughts
Hiding inbetween words, that are never been said
So i`ll try to move, losing the serene fall,
trying to find a new shore, waiting for relief
couldn`t find the meaning of life, the construction… of this time
I`m so fucking tired, wodden without roots
So i`l l try to break loose, riding away on this song
Into my land of darkness, to find this way
Selfdisgust… you wouldn`t say, just immagine we could
Can`t you hear me crying, oh can`t you?
Anchestry an illuminatet state, feel it in the air
Don`t give it away, can`t you hear me crying?
Cannot say what went wronmg, waithing for theese hours
Hiding in between days, that are never been lived
Still i`m trying to move, still i`ve loosed everithing
Still havent give up searching, still waiting for relief
So i`ll try to try, the century and ist ghosts
The center form e to turn, on our way to hell
And you look awy, never wanna see anything again
Closing all your doors, throwing, throwing all keys to your heart
We`re all living this lie, running away from reality
Still born but fertile, and still we come
Track Name: Circles
It happens again ...
I fall down,
for my own sake, to break in the end, the end
I pull these tracks again and again, continious...
like a concrete planet, to fall low,
like a concrete planet, to fall again
Like a disturbing planet to fall hard, like a disturbing fall in my mind
Ref: So I fall to cry
Ref: 4X
Oh I fall to cry ...again
Mittelteil: Staggering, wavering, dull and heavy ...
like the feeling inside of me, behind of my breast.
I have been following this path for years and still return.
I choose this way, and still let me be.
Track Name: Vigilante
Resistance`s waiting Resistance falls
Tracking a new zero
Let`s attempt it`s a sign
All they say eternal lie
No way to proof
And there slamming your door
After they had taken all taken it all
They couldn`t fell and understand
Got a machine to solve it all
They can`t hardly see through that order
So what`s left to see
Resistance gone all they say is `Yes`
But I say `No!` `No!`
Sure it`s gone sure it sad still they say `Yes`
But I still say `No!`
And here they go To break you
And they cover it all To control you
I`m so afraid That thea will get you
Raining when it comes
Deep inside Raining when they get you

Human ____Stupid , Human ____Cruel
Resist ____Puplic , Resist ____Control
Human ____Mind , Human ____Weak
Resist ____School, Resist ____Power

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